måndag 4 juli 2011

Att beställa färg från Kina

Färgen är beställt. Jag har skrivit rätt beställningsnummer som det står på tillverkarens hemsida.
Och så kommer Mail nr 1. Siffror bredvid färg har ingenting att göra med det som finns på deras hemsida.

dear Gordana
           How are you ? you buy these for the samples or only dyeing the garment
in addtion, i sent you some standard C.I. Number to confirm the product ,becuare some time the color shade is not exact

red 195
yellow  145 195
blue 19 21 221 222
black 5  wnn, s-g
orange  122

like that, you can choose ,then i will send you the samples

in addtion, pls let me know your address ?

you buy it for the company or for the person

Look forward to your soonest reply

Mail 5.
dear Gordana
        the freigth chareges will be about 160usd for 5kg in total
if it is ok, i will send  you the PI, you send me the charges,i will send you the samples
Look forward to your soonest reply
Best regards
Mail 7.
Dear Gordana

             How are you ?  yes ,the freight charges is expensive, becuause you are 1KG For each color
it is the cheapest . and time 4-8 days to arrive
it is the sent by experessc company
if there is further information. pls let me know
Look forward to your soonest reply
Best regards
Mail 11.
Dear mr Gordana

                How are you ? Hope you will have a nice holiday
                the money has arrived my company account yesterday,but there is onething i need to discuss with you
at the meantime, yesterday,i was informed by EMS express company i have sent to Germany samples in total 10kg has bee n deduced by the custom, and don't release to the customer . then they inform me , the weight of  the samples to Europ doesn't beyond 300grams, so i am afraid if i send you ,will face the same problem .
all the chemicals , before except for EMS, Other company doesn't  accept them with big quantity.
for the germany customer, i don't know how to explain to him, now i am disccussing with the EMS, ask them to tell me the local custom, ask my customer to talk with them to realease it, but i am not sure he can do it successfully
so  mr Gordana ,i am considering how to do for you. the big quantity chemical is easy to be deduced by European local custom .so
if you have fac, i suggest you to buy 100kg each ,then i will send by sea, it will be safe to transfer to you
Best regards
Mail 12.
ok, if you are no problem, i will arrange the samples to you
today or  tommow
Best regards
Mail 13.
Dear mr Gordana

           how are you ? i am sorry ,there is some problem from the warehouse man, need to delay two days to send out the samples
          Pls forgive me, i will finish it as soon as possilbe
           Look forward to your soonest reply
 Mail 14.
Dear mr Gordana
         how are you ? let me know your telephone number
no telephone number can't send the samples
Look forward to your soonest reply
Jag är i färd att sätta igång vadslagning:
Kommer jag någonsin att få de färger?

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